Pronunciation Guide

Click on the list below to hear the Indian (Tamil) character pronunciations, courtesy of Priya Rowland. Naturally, an English speaker in the United States may pronounce these differently.

  • Chellamuthu
  • Arayi Gounder (Chellamuthu's mother)
  • Kuppuswami Gounder (Chellamuthu's father)
  • Jaya (Chellamuthu's aunt)
  • Papathi Iyer (Landowner)
  • Selvaraj (Chellamuthu's brother)
  • Manju (Chellamuthu's sister)
  • Banerjee (Man hacking coconuts)
  • Krishna (Chellamuthu's cousin)
  • Suresh (Cousin who married)
  • Harisha (bully)
  • Niranjan (Friend bitten by snake)
  • Gopal (Chellamuthu's uncle)
  • Rajamani (Orphanage superintendent)
  • Eli Manickam (Orphanage owner)
  • Maneesh Durai (Associate of orphanage owner)
  • Mrs. Sundar (Worker at the orphanage)
  • Vikesh (Childhood friend at the orphanage)
  • Anu (Sick girl at the orphanage)
  • Taj Kyber Rowland
  • Pranay Tamboli (London)
  • Hari and Rachna Tamboli (London)
  • Christopher Raj (Business partner)
  • Priya
  • Usha (Taj's sister in law)
  • Shaamilee (Taj and Priya's oldest daughter)
  • Tayjel (Taj and Priya's youngest daughter)