Bonus Material!

See Original Video from Taj's First Interview

Early in the process, as Taj was deciding if he was ready for his story to be told, he agreed to an interview. It was recorded to document his story, to decide if there was enough material for a book. It didn’t take but minutes to realize his story was extraordinary.

The following clips are from that first interview. (Names and personal information have been edited.)

1 - Taj's Early Memories of India
2 - Taj comes to the U.S.
3 - Taj's teenage years
4 - Time spent in London
5 - Meeting and dating Priya
6 - Reuniting with his family

Listen to Pronunciations by Priya Rowland

While there is a pronunciation guide on the website for character names, this in-depth pronunciation guide was created for the recording of the audio book. Priya also explains the meaning of several of the words and we thought you'd find it interesting and informative.

Click here to view the word list by chapter and page to follow along with the audio recording. Keep in mind, Priya is generally offering the Tamil pronunciations for the words. Naturally, an English speaker in the United States may pronounce these differently.

  • Pronunciations by Priya