Frequently Asked Questions

Since the book is a novel, based on a true story, how much of it is true?

As was mentioned in the Authors’ Note at the end of the book, the story is based on the life experience of Taj Rowland (Chellamuthu). Barring a few minor changes (for the sake of plot and pacing), his real-life account was followed rather closely. Naturally, there were holes that needed to be filled for events and characters where information was lacking. For example, while Taj does not believe his father was involved is his kidnapping and sale to the Lincoln Home orphanage, he can’t be certain. With said events, the puzzle pieces were assembled with logical presumption.


Perhaps the best answer to the question would be to direct readers to Taj’s timeline, which documents several of the story’s factual plot points. Also take a look at Taj’s video interview, where he discusses numerous real-life aspects of his journey.  

I need multiple copies for my book group and for gifts. Where can I get the best price?

Naturally, any price is a bargain for this astounding story. That said, for fast service and a competitive price, order it online through Amazon, or check with your local bookstore.     

How can I get an autographed copy?
  • Purchase autographed copies by clicking here. For every autographed copy sold online through this website, $8 goes to Taprish, an NGO that helps remote villages in India.
I see that both Camron Wright and Dave Pliler are listed on the title page. Who wrote what?

Camron is a fiction writer; Dave is a screenwriter. Once Taj agreed to let his story be told, Camron and Dave planned to write the book together. However, as sometimes happens in life, the story had other plans. Dave was offered a full-time job writing for a prominent business group, a situation that he couldn’t turn down. With his time suddenly limited, and since Camron caught an early vision of Taj’s story and the style in which it needed to be told, Camron marched ahead and wrote The Orphan Keeper while Dave served as a story consultant. With the book now finished, Dave is busy working on the screenplay.

How long did the story take to write?

In short, about a year. Writing was slow in the beginning, but as the interviews with Taj continued and the layers of his story peeled away, the pace quickened. Near the end, Taj insisted on a visit to India, so we could see firsthand where his story took place—and the trip proved invaluable. Revisions were made and Camron nervously delivered the finished manuscript to Taj a little more than a year after he'd started. Taj stayed up most of the night to read it and he loved it.

Do you Skype with book groups?

It's difficult for Taj, as he spents so much time in India. However, Camron will be Skyping with as many book groups as his schedule will allow. If you're reading the book as a group and would like to inquire about the possibility, click here.

Do you speak at schools or other community events?

Yes, certainly. To arrange a speaking engagement, contact Dawn Stuart at Books in Common, 541-318-6288.